Cody Schultz

i believe i have always loved photography and that this had always been what i was meant to do with my life. ever since i was young, i loved taking pictures of anything and everything that fascinated me in some way, shape or form. however, my journey into "professionalism" - if you wish to call it that - began in 2014 when i bought my first dslr, a nikon d3200. before really getting into a specific genre of photography, i took plenty of pictures of everything, just as i had when i was younger. from my dog to flowers to the landscape around me, i am sure i have at least a single picture of every subject.

my journey into portrait photography began a few months after i had purchased the camera. using melanie as my subject, i took photos of her almost every day that i could while also researching how i could get better. she has been very supportive of me throughout my journey as i found out - and continue to find out - who i am meant to be. from 2014 up until the summer of 2016, i was obsessed with portraiture. anything that had to do with human emotion - especially that of fashion and beauty photography - was something  i wanted to make a career out of. however, that all ended rather abruptly when i found my joy in landscape photography the summer of 2016.

all thanks to thomas heaton and ansel adams - both wonderful photographers - landscape photography caught my eye. i began to realize just how much emotion and beauty there is in the world around me. i began to realize that nature did not cancel on me. it did not fight back with me. it did not pressure me into sharing all the photographs i took. it did not force me to take down images that i posted that did not show it's "best side." i began to realize just how much i love to be out in nature, whether alone or with a friend, and how peaceful it truly is. being out in nature has helped not only my mental health but also my physical. overall, landscape photography has been my savior. and i love it for so many more reasons than i would have ever been able to love portrait work.