Do It For The Love Of It

for the love, get it?

for the love, get it?

Think back to the day you decided to start your creative outlet. Remember how excited you were just to be doing something new, to be creating something? To be doing something with your life besides sitting around all the time, wasting your life in front of the tv or computer screen? I remember how great it felt just to be outside, to have a reason to talk to people and interact with them. Why, then, do we find ourselves becoming corrupted with the sudden need to make money off our craft?

When I began, I chose photography out of love.

Yeah, I thought that it would be amazing to make a living off my craft; to become some famous fashion or landscape photographer and be able to do it full-time.

As I grow older, I have begun to realize that this may not be an actual possibility for me. It is not something that would be easy to accomplish, if it happens at all. And here’s the deal: I am becoming more and more okay with that thought. Being able to run my own gallery in the summer and holiday months, taking the rest of the time to create more, is no-doubt ideal for me. I plan on busting my ass to accomplish this, but all creatives must come to terms with the idea that this may not happen.

We may not be able to create for a living how we would like to. Compromises must be made all the time and your creative outlet may need to stay as a hobby. However, this does not mean that you should give up on it or think of it as a waste of time.

The benefits of having a creative outlet are abundant, so giving it up should never be an option.

What I want you to remember is why you got started in the first place. Remember back to the day you started and never forget why you wanted to be doing this.

I do my photography for the love of the craft. I write because I love to educate, love to inspire, love to help.