Feel Better

Today has not been the best of days for me. Last night was rough and I do not feel as though I got the sleep that I should have. The only good thing that happened whilst in bed was Maggie, my puppy, coming into bed with me and snuggling. That was nice. But it is very outcast and humid outside where I am and it is not at all helping my mood. It does not matter how many pills I take or what I do today – there will always be the looming sadness that has haunted me since I woke up. However, this is not to say that there are not things I can do to make my day better, to help fix my mental state. I guess I am taking a risk writing this – posting this online for all to see and for everyone to judge me on – but as I sit outside listening to music, typing this, I feel as though it helps me. And I hope that it can help someone else too. So for everyone else who feels down today, here are some things that I find help me out.

Go Outside

There is something about being outside that is so peaceful. In the middle of the woods, surrounded by wildlife, water, etc. is where I find myself to be happiest. But even if you are living in the middle of the city, miles from forests or parks, you can still go outside. Simply sitting down on your porch or lying in the grass, looking at the sky can be extremely helpful. If you can be by water, that would be even better as studies show people are most relaxed and happy when they can hear the sounds of flowing water. I suppose that is why everyone is drawn to the beach throughout the summer.

Create; Don’t Destroy

I know how great it feels to destroy something. To take something within your hands and break it, tear it to shreds, throw it against a wall and stomp on it until it becomes a ruin of wreckage. But every time you destroy something, you are left with a mess to clean up. Sometimes you are even left with bills to pay and angry parents/landlords. So I urge you to unclench your first, sit down at your desk or table and pick up a pencil. Use your anger to scribble on the page. Draw something that reflects how you are feeling at the moment. Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period of paintings – the ones that are painted with tones of blue – all were painted during hard times for him. He was very depressed, very down-in-the-dumps at the moment. And instead of destroying what was around him, rather than raise the amount of debt he already owed as a starving artist, he created some of the most well-known paintings in the world. This is what you should be doing as well. Feeling angry? Just scribble on a piece of paper and see what happens. I mean, have you seen some of the modern art in museums nowadays? I am sure you can create something just as great.

Force Yourself

The biggest struggle that I tend to have when feeling down is not wanting to do anything. I seriously just want to lay in my bed and not get up, just lie there forever and hate myself. But I know that if I do that, I will only feel worse than I already do. So I force myself to get out of bed, to get dressed and at least find my way into the living room. And once I have made it there, I force myself yet again to go eat something, to find something to do, to create. Something as simple as moving to a new room within your house, especially to a room that is brighter, helps a lot more than you would think. Today I woke up, went downstairs and played video games for a while. When that stopped helping, I went upstairs a printed a photograph of a file I thought I had lost, for a family friend. Once I was done with that, I went back downstairs and did some chores. And now I am writing this, all of which has helped me a ton, alleviating the pain that my mind forces onto me. My point with this is that you should not remain stagnant. Continue to move around, keep doing something, even if you have to really push yourself to do it.

Take A Shower/Change Clothes

As I had mentioned earlier, studies show that humans are more relaxed and much happier around water. Personally I have no idea why but I know it to be true, which is why I love going to the beach so much and being near waterfalls. Simply taking a cool shower on a hot day not only is good for your body itself – you should be showering at least occasionally anyway – but it is also very helpful for your mental state. This is not to say that you should be taking six showers a day, scrubbing off your skin straight down to the bone. Simply taking a cool shower, letting the water run over your body without truly washing yourself can do miracles. Please don’t do this more than twice a day though, for this planet needs help just as much as we do. If you do not want to shower though – or maybe you already have, I won’t judge – changing your clothing can do more than you think. Getting out of the clothes you wore to bed the night before can make you feel much cleaner, giving you a boost in not only your confidence but also your state of mind.


Honestly, I hate taking naps throughout the day. I personally find it to be a waste of time, a loss of the day. And unless I am with Melanie, my girlfriend, I cannot fall asleep throughout the day. However, if you have nothing else to do or simply are too tired to do anything else, go find a comfortable spot in your house, grab a blanket and doze off. They – meaning the smart people found on Google – say that twenty (20) minutes is the perfect amount of time for a nap, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed without being terribly groggy. Nobody likes being groggy; you shouldn’t still feel tired after taking a nap.

There we go: five (5) things you can try to help you boost your mental state if you are feeling down throughout the day. I hope these help you out and please remember, if you ever need someone to talk to, the Suicide Prevention Hotline is open 24/7. (https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/)

Thank You

Cody Schultz