Feel Better II

I had just shut down my laptop upon finishing the first part to this post when I came to the realization that there was a decent amount missing from it. Yet I still have tips for how to feel better when you are having a bad day. So I suppose I will continue with another post and possibly have more in the future. Shall we continue?

Go Out

In the last post, I recommended getting outside and into the woods, to find your peaceful place and be alone for a while amidst nature. However, I understand that not all people have access to nature or even a backyard, making it difficult to get outside without being in the middle of a crowded city. Instead of fighting the crowds or the traffic to get into nature – which is totally fine to do – why not go out with friends? Even being an introvert like myself, I love going out to see a movie or play miniature golf or simply go hangout at the park. I know that this can be extremely tough to do when you are feeling down about yourself, about life, but that is where forcing yourself to do something comes into play. And trust me, that is going to be the best thing that you can possibly do. That friend of yours who desperately wants to see the new Marvel movie and has been bugging you to see it with them for the past year – before it has even come out…why not treat them to a movie? It is not that terribly expensive to do and your friend will love the surprise.

Do A Good Deed

Bouncing off the idea of taking your friend out to see a movie, doing a good deed can give you butterflies in your stomach and good feelings all around. Go to the local homeless shelter and volunteer a few hours of your time to distribute soup and sandwiches to those less fortunate than yourself. Maybe go to a pet rescue and play with the animals a while. Simply paying for someone else’s food or groceries can do it too. You obviously do not need to spend thousands of dollars doing these things nor do you need to do them everyday. If you want to, by all means, go for it. But I do recommend you do a good deed at least once a day if you can, for it will not only make you feel good about yourself but it will make others around you just a bit happier, even if they do not show it at first.

Treat Yourself

Alright, so it looks like money and going out is a common theme so far with this post. Let’s keep rolling with it then. Imagine that all of your friends are busy today and there is no way for you to go out by yourself as you do not have your license (or maybe your car is in the shop getting fixed). Instead of sitting around all day being bored and down-in-the-dumps, why not take some money and treat yourself to something delicious. Buy yourself a pizza and have it delivered to the house. Eat the entire thing by yourself if you are that hungry. Who cares if people would think you’re fat when nobody is around to see you anyway. Plus, have confidence – you’re awesome!


Pumping iron, running a lap or seven around the track or simply doing some yoga helps to boost the dopamine levels within your mind, effectively boosting your happiness. Ultimately you will feel better about yourself, especially as your body begins to change. The added muscle and toning of your body will give you large amounts of confidence after some time. Even if the changes seem minimal at first, do not quit. Never give up. You need to work your ass off for a long while before anything changes, before any good comes from it. Even if you do not want to be ripped or you are already happy with your body, the chemicals that are released are worth the time spent.

Eating Healthier

Not only does making your own food give you something to do, allowing you to be creative a bit here and there, you are able to control what you are putting into your body. If you have allergies to certain foods – I just got my testing done and found out I am allergic to hazelnuts, meaning I will never be able to enjoy Nutella – you can make sure that nothing bad will enter your body. Your body will thank you for this and will show you how thankful it is by releasing chemicals in your mind and improving your body physically.

There we go – five more tips for feeling better. I hope these help as much – or more – than the previous five tips. If you need someone to talk to, the Suicide Prevention Hotline is open 24/7 – please do not hesitate to contact them. (https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/)

Thank You

Cody Schultz