Interview: Ben Eaton-Williams

Ben Eaton-Williams

Landscape Photography

Tell us a little about yourself (who you are, where you are based, what you shoot, etc.)

My name is Ben Eaton-Williams; I am 18 years old and I live in the Isle of Skye where I spend all of my time photographing the Cuillin Hills and all of the incredible landscapes around me.

How did you get into landscape photography?

I got into landscape photography because of my love of the outdoors and wild places. I have always loved to be outdoors and I also used to really like taking pictures, so my landscape photography was an obvious choice.

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

What does photography mean to you?

To me, my photography is a way of being able to capture and record these incredible moments in time that I am lucky enough to witness. I love to then be able to share these moments with people that may not have the opportunity to visit these places themselves.

What do you value most in a photo? (emotion, composition, light, etc.)

I personally value creativity the most in a photo. I am always wanting to be shown something that I have never been seen done before.

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

In your opinion, will photography become overly populated to the point where professionals can no longer get jobs/make a living?

No; even though there are now so many people wanting to pursue photography as a profession, I still think that it is possible to be able to make a living doing it. Because of it becoming so popular it has now become a whole lot more difficult, but I think that if you don't follow the crowd and find your own specialty, which no one else is shooting - either if that is where you are shooting or the techniques you are using - as long as you are able to have a unique selling point, I personally think that it is possible to make a living in photography.

How important is having a good website?

I think having a good website is very important. Photographers spend so much time perfecting their images to be able to achieve what they have envisioned, and most people will view your images on your website. With this, you really want to show your images in their best light, and by having a good website, you will be able to display your images in a way that people will be really wowed and impressed.

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

How do you stay unique in a world where (almost) everyone has a camera in their back pocket?

I like to try and get off the beaten track as much as possible to try and find new places and compositions that I have never seen shot before. Even at really popular locations that are being photographed all of the time, if you are able to break the mold and shoot from an angle which is lesser known, you will be able to come away with a completely different image.

How do you feel about drone photography? Do you believe it should be banned in less places?

I love to see drone images. They have been able to open up so many new photographic opportunities which were never available previously unless you where photographing out of a helicopter. I do think that drones should be allowed in more places, but I do see why the restrictions have been put into place. I think that it should be down to the drone user to use their own judgment whether to fly or not in a certain area because of dangers like people and buildings.

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

What is your current favorite photograph? What do you like about it most?

One of my favorite images is a panorama that I photographed on the summit of Ben Cleat, looking over to Blaven. It was a complete surprise; it was not the image and composition that I was intending to shoot that night. For some reason I turned around as the light just left the part of the landscape which I was shooting, and then I saw this beautiful pink light from the last of the sunset just kissing the top of Blaven and also setting the moody sky on fire. With this moment being so unexpected and fleeting I really love this image.

If you could only take one more picture, what do you think it would be of? How would you begin to make that decision?

If I where only be able to take one more picture it would for sure be of the magnificent Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye, the harsh and jagged rocky spine that dominates Skye’s landscape. I would choose this because it is somewhere that never stops inspiring me.

If you had to choose one location to photograph forever, what would that be?

Again, that would be the Cuillin Hills. Even though it is a very small area geographically, it offers some of the most dramatic and diverse scenery you will see in Great Britain. With the hills also having their own wee micro climate, the weather is so changeable which can offer some amazing different weather conditions.

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

Ben Eaton-Williams - Landscape Photography -

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