Unlike photography, writing is not something that I yearn to do. It is not something I feel I need to do to fill my life with joy. To feel complete. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love to write and I have so many ideas for this blog. Hell, the list of ideas is constantly growing but my motivation to sit down and write is not at all growing. I even have posts written by hand that need to be rewritten on my laptop and uploaded online. Even worse is the fact that I have posts written on my laptop that only need a bit of revision – or some images added to them. Still, I procrastinate.

I have always been bad with procrastination. In school, I would often wait until the last few days – sometimes hours – to start a project. And while it somehow worked out nine out of ten times, it is not something I am proud of. It is not at all something I wish to continue to do. Over the years, I have been working on getting better with this but, nonetheless, it persists. But I love to write and I love to help others. So, I must force myself to sit down and write.

It takes 21 days…

Back in the 1950s, Dr. Maxwell Maltz noticed it took a minimum of 21 days for his patients to become used to their new face after a nose job (he was a plastic surgeon). Those who lost a limb would experience phantom pain for around 21 days before becoming used to not having the limb. Naturally he concluded that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit or get used to something new.

Why am I telling you this? Simple. I want to form a habit of writing for one hour a day by doing just that for 21 days in a row. And then I will continue to write for one hour for as long as my ideas continue forming within my skull. This should allow me to write at least one blog post each day without becoming burnt out. And as I get better at writing, as everything begins to flow more naturally from mind to pen, I should be able to write more posts in shorter amounts of time. Or simply write longer without becoming burnt out.

Force yourself to…

Try something new. There are millions of hobbies in this world; there are so many things to do. At no point should you be bored with your life. I challenge you to try something you have never done before. If you have been talking about learning photography, but “never have the time,” go out right now and buy a camera. Or just go out with your phone. Whatever you do, just get outside and start shooting. Learn how to shoot manual – there are so many tutorials out there on YouTube, and I plan on posting some on here as well in due time.

My point is, never hold yourself back from doing something new, something you really yearn to do. Enough is enough. Just get off your ass and do it.

No more excuses.

Thank you

Cody Schultz