Poll: Would You Rather Have An Open or Limited Edition Print

For a decent while now I have been debating on a print shop and how I would like to have it work out. I have everything I need in order to print out my images for high-quality prints but an issue has arrived, delaying the process. Originally I was unsure of what to do but I have decided to allow you guys to let me know what you would rather have.

Open Edition Prints

When I say about open edition prints, I mean that there is no limit to how many are printed and how many people can have a print of them. By choosing this option, you are opting for prints that may be a bit cheaper but you sacrifice the appeal of owning something unique.

Limited Edition Prints

Unlike open editions, these prints are limited in the number that are printed. At the absolute maximum I will print off 150 with five of them being artist proofs (for use in museums, galleries, restaurants, etc.), ultimately meaning that only 145 will be available. This causes the prices to be a bit higher than open edition prints but you will be owning something that not many other people own. Furthermore, limited edition prints may turn out to be worth much more than you bought them for, if the artist were to become well-known.

In Conclusion

In all honesty I am simply looking to see what most of my viewers would rather have. This does not necessarily mean that I will choose the option that has the most votes but it will give me a better idea so I can set up a print shop we may all enjoy.

Regardless of the choice in the end, each print will be signed and will come with a personal "thank you" note. Also, the size options will remain equivalent: 8" x 12" image printed on 11" x 17" paper and 10" x 15" image printed on 13" x 19" paper.

Which Option Do You Like Better? *