Why Amateurs Are The Best Photographers

You don’t need anyone’s approval to photograph whatever you want. There is not a single person on this planet that should be able to stop you from taking a photograph of a tree, editing it however you feel best fits, and then throwing it online for the world to see. Nobody should be able to control you and your creativity, for it is endless. Your creativity is infinite, and it should stay that way forever. Don’t ever let anyone take it away from you.

Amateurs are the best photographers

When you are first starting out with photography, you don’t know what all the rules are. Maybe you don’t even know how to use the camera you are holding in your hands, so you simply set it to Auto mode and snap a few half-decent images of whatever it is you see. And even when you do begin to learn how your camera works and what all of those buttons, knobs, and dials are and do, you still do not understand the concepts behind the most basic compositions. So you continue to learn, researching everything you can online, reading through hundreds of forums on the internet in hopes of having all your questions answered. When they aren’t answered, you may get upset; maybe you get distraught over the idea of not being able to have your questions answered, so you ultimately get upset over your work not being good enough.

But fear not, young Padawan, for amateurs truly are the best photographers.

Why is this, you may ask? Well, it is rather simple.

As an amateur, you are under no pressure

You do not feel the same amount of pressure as the professional photographers out there do. While they have to listen to the set directors and their clients on what to shoot, how to shoot it, when to shoot it…you do not. Professional photographers are paid to give up control of their creativity – to a certain extent – and work with a team of other creators to make something that their client will like. And while professional photographers still love their craft, they are often stuck performing only one genre of photography; they are constrained even further by the style they have formed throughout their career. As an amateur, you do not have to follow these same rules. You are able to photograph whatever the hell you want. And you should be – need to be – in love with that. Since you are still working on finding your style, your niche, you do not have to do everything consistently. One day you can release to the public a wonderful portrait of your beloved significant other and the next day you can publish a photograph of a nearby waterfall. Your followers won’t bat an eye. There will be no money lost. There are no consequences.

Be happy that you can explore, for it may not last forever

To say that professional photographers cannot explore their passion more would be a lie; there are plenty of pros who have different accounts on Instagram and social media for their multitude of work. However, this leads to a lot of work on their end. At the end of the day, they need to focus most heavily on the work that brings in the money. Otherwise, they risk not being able to feed themselves and their family; this is where all of the consequences come in.

Since you have no pressure weighing down on your shoulders, it does not matter one bit what you do with your photography. Go out and explore the world. Explore whatever it is that interests you, and release it all for the world to see. There is nothing that you have to worry about. Do not bother with getting a multitude of “likes” and followers on your social media accounts, for that does not equal success. Instead, figure out what it is that you love. Follow it. Chase after it. And when you catch it, let it go.

Enjoy the chase more than the reward, and you will be forever happy with your work.