Why I Absolutely Hate Social Media

Let me just start this out right away by saying that I absolutely despise social media. I don’t just hate it. As my mother has always said, hate is a strong word. But in this instance, it simply is just not strong enough. I truly cannot stand social media. I hate the addiction to it that everyone in the world seems to be afflicted with and I hate seeing people on their phones all the time. What I hate more is that I am one of those people. Truthfully, I am trying to put an end to that behavior but its tough. Still, I am trying.

Okay, back to the point

I despise social media. You understand that by now, I am sure. If you follow me on Instagram (I finally hit 200 followers on Tuesday!), you will know by now that I do not post regularly. When I first started posting, not only was I primarily shooting portraits but I was posting about three times a week. Now, my followers are lucky if they see four new images a month. And even then, it is not a guarantee. Maybe this is the reasoning behind why my follower count is not growing like I believe it should be. It would explain why there is minimal interaction on my images and why it took so long to break 200 followers. By Wednesday night I am sure that number will go back down to 190 or so. We shall see.

Seriously, the point

After posting to social media tri-weekly for a while, I began to realize that I was quickly running out of images to publish. I was struggling to find people to model for me, the amount of “keeper” images I obtained from each shoot was dwindling, and I was losing motivation to post so often. This got increasingly worse as I began my journey down the path of landscape photography. The number of images I was creating dwindled down to five; and I had to be extraordinarily lucky for me to get even that many by the time I finished editing. Originally, I attempted to post tri-weekly as I had with portraiture but quickly found out that I was running out of images to post before even thinking about going on my next adventure. You see, in order for me to post three times in one week – and not sacrifice the quality of my imagery – I would need to go on an adventure three times a month. That means almost every week I would need to be outside taking photos. I would need to make sure I got five photographs each trip or else I would need to go on yet another trip, increasing the number of adventures taken each month to four.

So what, you ask. If you enjoy landscape photography so much and claim it to be your life, why would this matter? Well, dear reader, you must understand that I am a full-time student. I make no money off of my photography nor do I gain any actual benefit from photography other than it helping my mentality. And if I were to go out every single weekend just because I needed three images to post the following week, I would surely burn myself out. My work would struggle, my mentality would struggle, my life in general would be on a downward spiral more than it already is. So instead of focusing so much attention on my social media accounts, I have decided to…

Focus on my website

There is so much work to be done on my website. You probably don’t see it but every day I am thinking of new ways to make not only your experience on my website better but make the website in general better. I want to hit fifty subscribers on my newsletter. Why? Because then I have a decent enough of a following where I can begin doing a bunch of awesome stuff. I want to launch my print shop so that you, my dear readers, may hang beautifully printed artwork on your walls for the enjoyment of you and your guests. I want to begin doing print giveaways where you guys have a chance to win a FREE print of my work. Of course, these prints may not be all that large nor may they be limited editions but regardless, it’s a free piece of artwork. Hell, I even want to show some of you guys my color photography. I say some of you because

Returning to my rant

It took me far too long to hit 200 followers. Considering how often I get complimented on my work, considering all the time and energy I have put into my work, one would think I would have closer to one thousand followers. By no means am I trying to say I am the best photographer out there – I am not by any means – but I do not understand how a meme account can gain fifteen hundred followers in a single month. And that kid with a point and shoot camera taking snapshots gets nearly two hundred likes on their images that have no artistic value, meaning, or intent. If you cannot tell, it truly pisses me off. My solution? Saying “screw you” to social media. I just cannot bring myself to care anymore about the number of followers I have online. It not only kills my mood and worsens my mentality but it also destroys any and all creativity I have in me. Rather than posting at regular intervals, I have decided to simply post whenever I feel like it.

I have no idea what the point of this is

I feel as though I have just written nearly one thousand words of utter nonsense, spewing words onto the computer screen and posting it onto my website for you to decide whether it is readable or not. So, if you gained something from this, that is absolutely great. If not…well, I am sorry. But I needed to get all this off my chest.

Until next time

Thank You

Cody Schultz