2018 Portfolio

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2018 Portfolio


It seems as though most of the photographers I follow have been releasing these box sets, whether entire portfolios from that year or just a few small prints offered as a collection. In the beginning of this summer, I began trying to figure out which photographs to include and how I wanted to go about it all. I didn’t want it to be a copy-and-paste of the others doing this, yet I knew distinguishing my set from another would be tough without opening it up to see the prints.

Since I like things simple, I have decided to keep the box as-is, save for a silver embossed sticker in the lower left-hand corner that serves as a seal of authenticity.

Box sets should begin shipping by late November, if all goes according to plan.

Limited Edition of 45


When you open up the box, you are greeted with a ‘Thank You’ note - just a special gift dedicated specifically to you for supporting me. It’s the least I could do. Beneath that is a certificate of authenticity, just as comes with each of my limited edition prints; this certificate is embossed and numbered the same as the box, proving which edition you own. Be sure to place this certificate in a safe place - like a safe! - just in case something happens to the box set.

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A title page is also included, telling you the titles and descriptions of each photograph in the order placed.

Finally, beneath all of the aforementioned papers, are the prints, separated from one another by interleaving tissue to protect them from damage. Each image is printed on hand-cut 8”x10” Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm paper with a thin border surrounding each image, allowing for easy handling. They are signed on the back and numbered as a series.

As not all of the images have been decided at this point, the final number of included prints is not determined. However, I am anticipating at least 10, if not up to 15 in total.

Unlike a book - something I had originally thought of doing - you are able to decide how each print is presented. You can easily frame them for a collection on your wall, leave them in the box on your coffee table for guests to look through, or maybe you have other ideas for it. The possibilities are endless, only stunted by your own imagination!


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