Amongst the Dead

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Cody Schultz _DSC0933.jpg

Amongst the Dead

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Printed on one of the highest quality photo rag papers available, each print is signed and numbered on the front by the artist himself. Certificates of authenticity are provided as well and are to be kept in a safe place to prove ownership of the print.

Custom framing options available upon request.

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When Melanie and I took the three-hour long journey from my family's cabin in northern Pennsylvania up to Kaaterskill Falls in New York, I didn't expect to come back with much more than a photograph of the waterfall itself. I don't want to go into these new areas with high expectations, hoping to come home with plenty of new content that is print-worthy. Truth-be-told, this photograph itself I was unsure of for a long while. It wasn't until recently that I began to fall in love with it, deeming it worthy enough to be in my portfolio.

I pulled into the main parking lot only to find a multidude of tree stumps that littered the surrounding area. It appeared as though they were expanding the parking lot, given how the trees had been chopped down in a squared-off form. While Melanie gathered her things and put on her boots, I chose to explore a bit around these stumps. The forest that still stood intrigued me, the trees looking as though they would fit very well as a black and white photograph. I just had to figure out how to best compose my desired shot.

Although I tried my best to get the shot before walking down the trail and capturing the photographs of the falls - titled "Withstanding" and "Forest Views" - nothing seemed to line up as I wanted. None of the shots I took were what I wanted and I knew that from the moment I pressed the shutter.

It wasn't until coming back to the car after spending time getting soaking wet from the waterfall that I was able to see a composition. As I mentioned previously, this photograph still had not immediately grown on me and was one that I had considered trashing multiple times, thinking it would never workout. Yet here it is, officially released, as the print looks far too good to not hang on my own wall.