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Printed on one of the highest quality photo rag papers available, each print is signed and numbered on the front by the artist himself. Certificates of authenticity are provided as well and are to be kept in a safe place to prove ownership of the print.

Custom framing options available upon request.

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Limited Edition of 20

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Ricketts Glen is known for having a day's worth of photographic waterfalls; one can spend hours simply taking in the beauty of a single fall. Being able to truly enjoy all of them in a day is impossible, regardless of what others will tell. And it seems every time I have gone to this area, I have found new hidden treasures.

This cascade had never before caught my eye - I am unsure of whether it had even existed prior. The light seemed to catch just right as I leveled my tripod, prepared my camera, and began taking the shots needed to make this vertical panorama.