In Bloom

Cody Schultz_DSC0363-Pano.jpg
Cody Schultz_DSC0363-Pano.jpg

In Bloom

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Printed on one of the highest quality photo rag papers available, each print is signed and numbered on the front by the artist himself. Certificates of authenticity are provided as well and are to be kept in a safe place to prove ownership of the print.

Custom framing options available upon request.

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Limited Edition of 20

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It was while watching a fellow photographer's vlog that I was introduced to the art of capturing intimate moments. Far too often, we get caught-up in the grand scheme of things, focusing on the larger projects, the end-goal of one's life. We overlook these small moments; the way the pebbles on the ground look like the milky way; the way the white flowers, just beginning to bloom, stand out from the rest of the leaves on the branch.

Slow down; look around. You will be amazed at what you see.