In The Farmer's Field

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Cody Schultz_DSC0012.jpg

In The Farmer's Field

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Printed on one of the highest quality photo rag papers available, each print is signed and numbered on the front by the artist himself. Certificates of authenticity are provided as well and are to be kept in a safe place to prove ownership of the print.

Custom framing options available upon request.

Prices subject to change as edition sells.

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Limited Edition of 20

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During one of the first blizzards of 2017, my girlfriend and I chose to go on a photo-centered walk along the back-roads by my house. Although this tree had not stood out to me earlier - most likely due to the lack of separation from the surrounding environment - it certainly did that day. I could not resist creating an image from the scene. This one in particular was what helped solidify my wanting to create calming photographs to print large and hang on the wall.