Upon the Forest Floor

Cody Schultz pentax67_hp5_001.jpg
Cody Schultz pentax67_hp5_001.jpg

Upon the Forest Floor

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Throughout my career as an artist, I have been heavily inspired by the work of Ansel Adams, especially since I took on the challenge of photographing strictly in black and white back in 2017. I have collected three books of his work in a short amount of time and frequently look upon them for inspiration. It was when looking through one of these books - this one in particular - that I came across a photograph he made of leaves and ferns upon the ground. This photograph was then turned into a three-panel privacy screen that Ansel himself had in his home.

I have kept this photograph of his - or at least a rough approximation of it - in my mind since seeing it. I crafted a goal of my own, to create something in a similar vein, yet I didn't want to copy his piece.

While walking through the woods in my family's cabin in northern Pennsylvania, I came across a patch of ferns that I simply could not resist photographing. With my newly acquired Pentax 67 film camera, I setup my composition and did what I could to get as much in-focus as possible. After pressing the shutter and trying out a few different patches, I packed up and walked back to the house. From that moment until I got home and found some spare time, I could only wait in anticipation to see if I got the shot I wnated.

After finally developing the rolls of film and deciding which ones I would scan and edit, I found this photograph in-particular to be the best out of the selection. I did a quick edit and put it away for a while. A few weeks later, I did a small 8x10 test print to see how I liked it and what needed to be further tweaked in post-processing.

Today, I can happily say that it is ready for release to the general public. It has been months in the making, first taken back in July 2018. And while it may not end up being turned into a privacy screen like that of Ansel Adams' photograph, I am pleased with how it turned out. I can only hope that you feel the same.